Casablanca Cosmetic Bags


Moroccan textiles have a rich background drawing from both Arab and Berber heritage. Inspired by vivid mosaics with their stunning geometric patterns and bold linear designs, together with inspiration from gorgeous kilim rugs, our fabrics breathe Morocco.

Made on jacquard looms in Casablanca, the compositions include cotton, wool, and synthetics such as “cactus silk” and offer variations in style and texture

Available in three vivid designs, each imbued with historical color meaning:

Teal/Black - This classic combination shows the relationship between the age, maturity and masculinity of black, and the fertility, femininity and natural world associated with teal.

Red/Orange - Eye-catching scarlet tones are used to ward off evil spirits and negative energy.

Blue/Gold - Blue is used by Moroccans to symbolize the infinite and absolute. Golds and yellows mark the transition of one life into another. The combination symbolizes the rising of one’s spirit.


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