Rose Vegan Soap with Loofah


Made with “The Queen of Oils” and completely vegan, our Moda Rose Vegan soap smells and feels divine. Made with more than half a pound of freshly harvested rose petals, this natural toner will calm and soothe skin whilst leaving behind a gentle sweet scent. Rose oil has been used for centuries as a natural  cicatrisant, which promotes wound healing and skin regeneration.

Therapeutic For: Dry or sensitive skin, stress, dark spots, dull & dry skin.

Smells Like:
Sweet Rose

How To Care: 
The natural loofah on our soap is placed carefully towards the end of the freezing process. This secures the merge of the loofah with the natural soap content.

The result of this process is stable and will prevent the loofah to fall off. Always place your soap on the loofah side down. This will maximize the water drainage and preserve the soap.

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