The Magical Mushroom Necklace (24k Gold Plated)


Embrace the enchanting fusion of luxury and nature's beauty with our exquisite Mushroom Necklace, 24k Gold Plated – a charming piece designed for those who revel in life's wonders and adore a touch whimsy.

Each delightful mushroom pendant boasts a genuine, hand-selected crystal – from the calming amethyst to the invigorating tiger's eye or the romantic rose quartz. These magnificent gemstones are meticulously plated with 24k gold, creating a captivating, striking, and meaningful accessory.

Perfect for those who wish to keep their cherished crystals close to their hearts, our Mushroom Necklace allows you to experience the harmonious vibrations of your favorite gemstones while radiating an air of sophistication and grace.

- 24K Gold Plated
- Various Crystals

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