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Article: Visiting Venice? Here’s our locals-only tips.

Visiting Venice? Here’s our locals-only tips. - MØDA

Visiting Venice? Here’s our locals-only tips.

Our store is lucky to call Venice home. 

If it's your first time visiting Venice Beach, you might want to check out these amazing finds only the locals will tell you about.



For the best cocktails, head to The Pier House - It’s our favorite local meet up for happy hour and amazing seafood delicacies.



If you’re a morning coffee person, then Groundwork Coffee is your new go-to. Serving organic, fairly traded coffee, Groundwork have been certified since the 90’s - so you know they know their coffee.



You can’t visit Venice Beach without doing some thrift shopping. The Council Shop is a local favorite where you can find designer clothes and cool eclectic pieces for a third of the price.


Daytime Hangs

For daytime hangouts, Venice Boardwalk or Abbot Kinney will not disappoint. The boardwalk is best explored on bike or a rented scooters (although you can totally walk it) where you can stop to check out the beach and roadside merchants. Abbot Kinney is also a great place to spend the day perusing stores and cute cafes.



The best cafe in Venice, hands down, has to be Great White. Owned by Australians, it’s now an integral part of Venice, serving local patrons delicious coffee and fresh, delicious food 7 days a week.


Street Food

You may have heard that Venice has some of the best street food in the world, but our absolute favorite has to be la isla bonita taco truck


Local Products

For local products, you guessed it, come to Moda! We’re open 7-days a week and can help you find the perfect gift for yourself or your special someone.


Chef Hire

If you really want to experience luxury at an affordable price, hire an LA based private chef! LA chefs are some of the best in the world and we can’t recommend foodpeople enough. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

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